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Please enjoy these resources to help you with your data journey. 

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Data Education 

Member Centric Data Use Case

Member Centric Data Assessment

Data Governance 

Data consumption


Disruptor Analysis 

Member Journey, Friction & Amazon Effect  - Additional resources 

Enjoy the Member Friction Assessment Deck 

Enjoy the Member Friction Assessment Deck 

Explainer Video 

Manage Disruption & Build Innovation  - Additional resources 

Enjoy the Disruption and Innovation Deck 

Enjoy the Disruption & Innovation Assesment Deck 

Explainer Video 

Current State Assessment   - Additional resources 

Enjoy the Current Assessment Deck 

Enjoy the Current State Assessment Deck 

Explainer Video 

Roadmap Defined   - Additional resources 

Enjoy the Roadmap Deck 

Enjoy the Roadmap Deck 

Explainer Video 

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