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The BadA$$Banker: Credit Unions Don't Leverage Data Enough


August 27, 2020

Anne Legg joins host Bryan Clagett to talk about credit union data. Anne knows a thing or two about data. She has been working with credit unions nationwide. Her mission is simple; to simplify data transformation for credit unions so they can easily harness their data to identify new revenue sources, lessen member friction, increase talent productivity, and improve members' lives. This can be accomplished by filling enterprise knowledge gaps, developing member-centric strategies, and deliver results in 90 days or less.

The Financial Experience Podcast -Big Data is a Big Climb, but there's a Path 

The financial experience podcast 8.8.202

August 11, 2020

Using the metaphorical thread of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (which for Anne isn’t exactly a metaphor because she’s done it), she created a playbook for thinking about data differently.

“You can buy the coolest [data] tool, but if your people and strategy aren’t strong, it’s just still the coolest [data] tool,” Anne made clear. Most importantly, she breaks down how leadership, culture, and some thoughtful, hard work can really crystalize your data strategy.

CUtoday  - Q & A on New  Book: Big Data/Big Climb

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August 8, 2020

Anne Legg, founder of THRIVE Strategic Services, has published a new book, “Big Data/Big Climb” in which she uses her recent ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (a fundraiser for several causes) as a metaphor for providing clarity and a framework around data transformation.

In conjunction with the new book, Legg has shared her insights on a number of issues in this Q&A with

CUBroadcast Interview:  Reminder of Credit Union "Awesomeness" during challenging Times

March 18, 2020
Its unprecedented times, but not wholly unfamiliar. Here is just a quick reminder why credit unions are and always have been "Awesome"

CUInisght  - February 26, 2020

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CUToday 4 part series - January 2020

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The BIGCast Podcast:  2020 Outlook

The BIGCast Podcast:  Mergers, Margins and Crypto - oh My!

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CUBroadcast Interview:  Credit union insights from post-climb experience 

December 2, 2019  
This post-climb interview highlights the good, bad and ugly of summiting the world's largest free-standing mountain. and what credit unions can take away from this experience. 


CUBroadcast Interview:  Data Transformation is like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro 

September 27, 2019  
What is the first step in beginning a data journey? The same way you climb a mountain. You decide to do so.
In this interview, Anne compares data transformation to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

CUBroadcast Interview:  Connected data to create value and grow

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November 26,2019  
Blog featured in CUInsight. This blog covers 6 common obstacles in data transformation and how to overcome them. 

The BIGCast Podcast:  A FinTech Thanksgiving

November 27,2019  
John and Glen engage in a homecoming of sorts with longtime colleague Anne Legg, as the trio trades thoughts on what they’re thankful for (in FinTech and beyond) this holiday season.
October 2019  
CUInsight and CUToday coverage on Anne's efforts to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro. Click images for full articles.
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CUBroadcast Interview

January 24, 2017

Learn more about THRIVE and what it does in this interview with Ryan Drake, CEO of Our Community CU as he describes how the Transformation Process and the value it created. 

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September 2019

Lucy Harr highlights the importance of having a member-centric strategy as crucial to a credit unions success. Click on the image to learn more. 

July 17, 2019

Nice overview by Michael Bartlett at Credit Union Journal on the current state of credit unions and their data analytics journey.

Connecting Data to Create Value and Growth In a Disruptive Climate

January 19, 2017

Read CU Today coverage of how the $350-million Our Community Credit Union in the Pacific Northwest has been able to connect its data, create insights and take action.  They engaged with the OnApproach M360 data warehouse solution and THRIVE Strategic Services to connect their data and build strategy.

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August 31, 2016

Enjoy the conversation Mike and I had about shifting the credit union’s vision of member engagement using big data. The example we address is if the credit union products were like a fitness app. 

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CU Management: Strategic Speed 

September 1, 2020

Anne Legg is featured in this CUES CU Management cover article discussing credit union strategy. 

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