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MarketPlace Mentions

CUBroadcast Interview:  Data Transformation is like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro 

September 27, 2019  
What is the first step in beginning a data journey? The same way you climb a mountain. You decide to do so.
In this interview, Anne compares data transformation to climbing Mt Kilimanhjaro
journey mapping article 9.19.png
September 2019

Lucy Harr highlights the importance of having a member-centric strategy as crucial to a credit unions success. Click on the image to learn more. 

July 17, 2019

Nice overview by Michael Bartlett at Credit Union Journal on the current state of credit unions and their data analytics journey.

CUBroadcast Interview:  Connected data to create value and grow

January 24, 2017

Learn more about THRIVE and what it does in this interview with Ryan Drake, CEO of Our Community CU as he describes how the Transformation Process and the value it created. 

Connecting Data to Create Value and Growth In a Disruptive Climate

January 19, 2017

Read CU Today coverage of how the $350-million Our Community Credit Union in the Pacific Northwest has been able to connect its data, create insights and take action.  They engaged with the OnApproach M360 data warehouse solution and THRIVE Strategic Services to connect their data and build strategy.

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BIG Fintech Media Blog Coverage 

December 08, 2016

  • Where are the opportunities for credit unions to use data analytics to create new, valuable and improved products and services for their members'.

  • How intuition and other qualitative measures can be used with data to find additional opportunities for your members.

  • The application of brand archetypes to credit union market positioning.

  • Moonshots – a technical innovation process that can be applied to credit union strategic planning.

  • Applying the idea of curbside service to member offerings.

  • How to not engineer the risk out of everything

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CUBroadcast Interview

August 31, 2016

Enjoy the conversation Mike and I had about shifting the credit union’s vision of member engagement using big data. The example we address is if the credit union products were like a fitness app. 

BIG Fintech Media Blog Coverage 

August 8, 2016

Click the box to the left to listen to the great conversation between Anne Legg and John Best about member engagement 2.0 otherwise known as "Free Socks!"