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Credit Unions & AI-Powered Banking

The rise of generative AI has brought about significant changes in the business landscape, and credit unions are no exception. As technology evolves unprecedentedly, credit unions must adapt and embrace generative AI to stay relevant and thrive in the digital age. Here are four key insights for credit unions looking to leverage the power of generative AI.

Embrace the Opportunities of Being an Early-ish Mover

While being the first mover in adopting generative AI is unnecessary, there are clear advantages to being an early adopter. The market is evolving rapidly, and credit unions that can quickly leverage generative AI will gain a competitive edge. By embracing this technology early on, credit unions can explore new strategic paths, create innovative products and services, and deliver enhanced member experiences. It's essential to recognize generative AI's potential and seize its opportunities.

Prioritize Safe and Responsible AI Implementation

As credit unions integrate generative AI into their operations, it is crucial to prioritize safety and responsibility. Credit unions should establish core principles and practices to ensure AI is deployed ethically and without bias. Building a solid foundation for safe and responsible AI is essential for maintaining member trust and ensuring that AI technologies are used to benefit the credit union and its members. Collaboration with industry partners, regulators, and governing bodies can help credit unions navigate the evolving landscape of AI regulations and ensure compliance.

Leverage AI to Enhance Member Experiences

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize member experiences within credit unions. Credit unions can provide personalized, efficient, and seamless member interactions by integrating AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. AI technologies can enable quick responses to member inquiries, assist with financial transactions, and offer tailored recommendations based on individual member needs. Credit unions should leverage the power of generative AI to transform how they interact with members, making banking more convenient, accessible, and user-friendly.

Foster Collaboration and Partnerships

Navigating the complex world of generative AI requires collaboration and strategic partnerships. Credit unions, especially those with limited resources, can benefit from partnering with technology providers, AI experts, and fintech companies. These partnerships can offer access to cutting-edge AI tools, expertise, and resources that might otherwise be challenging. By fostering collaborations, credit unions can stay at the forefront of AI innovation, leverage shared knowledge, and build scalable AI solutions tailored to their needs.

Generative AI presents both opportunities and challenges for credit unions. By embracing the power of this technology, credit unions can enhance member experiences, drive operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. However, it's essential to approach AI implementation with a strong focus on safety, responsibility, and member-centricity. By leveraging generative AI and fostering collaborations, credit unions can navigate the evolving digital landscape and ensure long-term success in AI-powered banking.


Ready to 10x Your MX?

Tom Foster, Corning Credit Union's Director of Product & Project Management, and Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE share greater details about the 10x your MX framework and how it positively impacted Corning's talent and membership.

Tom and Anne identified three key deliverables from this engagement.

  1. It delivered a framework that enhanced data consumption capabilities, increasing member experience and satisfaction.

  2. It improved organizational efficiency and processes.

  3. It empowered credit union talent to develop critical thinking and execution skills, increasing member satisfaction.

Tom emphasized leveraging data and adopting a cross-functional approach; the credit union made significant strides in enhancing member experiences and satisfaction.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your credit union and elevate the lives of your members? 10x the MX leverages cross-functional teams to create collaborative, effective solutions driving meaningful impact. We specialize in helping credit unions activate their data to accelerate and elevate their members' lives.


10X the MX


Corning Credit Union

Learn how Corning Credit Union used

10X the MX to:

  • Increase member experience and satisfaction

  • Improve organizational efficiency and processes

  • Empower credit union talent, boosting satisfaction, building critical thinking and execution capability


Filling Your Knowledge Gaps!

We believe that data transformation doesn't have to feel overwhelming or expensive to be impactful. After helping over 600 credit union leaders launch their data journeys, we have identified several consistent knowledge gaps. We have worked hard to fill these gaps with a variety of educational artifacts:

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