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Product to Platform

Nine years ago the iPhone entered the marketplace and was the rocket fuel in the shift that has been defined as the product to platform experience. Before the iPhone, audio players, camera and cell phones were separate items, purchased individually. As stand alone products they faced market commoditization however as bundled into a smartphone they became features, not products, on the entire smartphone experience. The smartphone became the platform. In this platform, apps were developed to allow the device to provide additional value to the user. 

This shift from product to platform has evolved the way the consumer experiences the world around them, giving them the power to demand customized products, delivered on-demand. 

Platform becomes powerful as a business models because it uses technology to connect people, organizations and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which amazing amounts of value can be created and exchanged. 

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This outline offers key areas to consider while building the business case, One page to help structure your thoughts and bring a compelling idea to fruition.

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This document provides examples of actual credit union member insights  to spark ideas of those insights that are attainable from connected data.

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