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online Gathering Schedule 

If you are looking for the Learn& Listen or Power Hour data education session, Please click here for more information, or here to register for the class. Thanks!

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There are MANY items we could discuss, but what the ones you want to talk about? 

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Click the image to request a copy of the gathering deck. 

Turn Fear into Fuel 

How to continue to provide the

Credit Union Hug in uncertain times.

Tues, Mar 24 | 8 am PST -10 am CST -11 am EST

Gathering Summary

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this online gathering!

We had a fruitful conversation about how the industry is approaching our everchanging economy.

Here are the highlights:

  •  A reminder of the power of the credit union industry.

  •  Shared current and potential member impacts

  •  Shared employee impacts as well as facilities 

  •  Learned about design thinking. Design thinking is a problem-solving framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in the 5 problem-solving steps. This framework has been proven to provide substantial economic and social benefits across the credit union supply chain.

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