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Elevation Sessions 

Reignite your data efforts with Elevation Sessions 

Has your data journey reached a standstill?

Reignite your data journey with an Elevation Session.

These sessions offer an executive coaching program designed to help credit union leaders overcome obstacles in their data journey. Elevation Sessions meet for one hour a month and provide personalized guidance and support, ensuring you stay on track with your data goals.


Elevation Sessions focus on:

Strategic Planning: Develop a clear, actionable data strategy that aligns with your credit union's mission.

Overcoming Obstacles: Identify and address the barriers holding you back from data excellence.

Navigating Landscapes: Create pathways to improving data usage, literacy, and activation. 

What CU Leaders say about Elevation Sessions

"The long-term impact of the Elevation Sessions on our organization cannot be overstated. We've not only achieved our immediate data goals but also built a sustainable framework for continuous improvement. The sessions have empowered us to think bigger and aim higher."



Elevation Sessions focus on:

The first session is $150 per person with a 3-session minimum; Elevation Sessions are a valuable investment in your leadership and your credit union's future.

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