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A credit union playbook for leveraging data and talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships

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ABout the Book 

Data is one of the most robust assets Credit Unions have, yet there are few resources available to help the industry leverage this asset.


Big Data/Big Climb has been called a "must-read book for credit union management" by industry experts as a guide for those who are looking to improve their members' lives using data. Recently added to America's Credit Union Museum's Ensweiler Research Library, this foundational primer on data transformation uses the metaphor of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to provide both clarity and a framework on this subject.

With sections titled "Which is more mature your data or a teen," and "A Credit Union governs its loans, so why not its data" as well as "Building Credit Union Hakuna Matata" this book cuts through techno-jargon and translates data transformation concepts into a playbook for credit unions to create revolutionary member relationships.


          This must-have guide provides guidance on:

- assessing the current credit union data state

- creating an enterprise vision

- building member-centric data strategies

- demystifying data maturity

- establishing a data governance practice

- building a data analytics program

- developing a data consumptive culture

- building continuous data-centric capabilities


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Looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to activate your data? Start or join a Big Data/Big Climb book club. We have the book and the facilitator's guide, and you bring the people!

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Learn More

Anne shares not only the cover of the book with Mike Lawson of CU broadcast, but the inspiration behind it. 

Think of this as the book explainer video.

What others are saying


“Anne Legg recently came out with this incredible book about how to improve their members' lives through data. Her extended metaphor about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is fitting- after all, taming a mountain of data to leverage meaningful, actionable analytics is no small feat!


This book is a guide for credit unions about how to approach, understand, plan for execute and optimize data anlytic programs and strategies. If data analytics is on your roadmap- and it should be - then this book is a must-read. ”

Kirk Drake, CEO of Credit Union 2.0

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