We simplify data transformation into a process
that helps credit unions quickly and easily
harness their data to improve members' lives. 

We help credit unions by:

Defining a member-centric data strategy

You have clarity on why you are connecting your data.

Identifying new sources of revenue

You see current competition in your member's wallet & build re-acquisition strategies.

Identifying current sources of disruption

 You will see the disruption that is already taking place inside your credit union & build strategies to combat it.

Reducing member friction

You will understand the friction the member has doing business with you and build new processes/products to lessen it.

Building a data consuming culture

Your team will quickly embrace data to increase member value.

Establishing  a data governance foundation

You will gain clarity on data governance best practices and processes.

Launching your credit union data journey

You will watch your credit union harness data and transform.

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What clients say about THRIVE

"One of the first things noticeable was how much data is available to us.

Next, was how to categorize it in ways that were useful.

Then, you could see the story of our members and develop some real “aha” moments."