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How to Unleash Gen AI Innovation in your CU


In the ever-evolving financial landscape, credit unions stand on the cusp of a revolution powered by generative AI. This innovation isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s an inevitable transformation that will redefine our organizational operations at every level—from deepening employee engagement to replacing manual processes with intelligent automation.


The Impact of AI on Credit Unions

The immense potential of AI to enhance our understanding of member needs is allowing credit unions to innovate and create novel products and services. Imagine a world where virtual advisors deliver customized financial advice, making such services accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic standing.


To Leveraging AI, Start with a strategy

A strategic approach is essential for credit unions to fully embrace AI. We must conduct a thorough needs assessment, question why we are considering AI, identify the problems it can solve, and evaluate our culture's data literacy.


Need to identify the AI "why" to create ROI

Our “why” is the guiding star. It directs us to areas where AI can have the most significant impact—be it boosting member engagement, reducing costs, or expanding services. Success metrics, including member engagement and satisfaction, employee participation, and financial performance, must be in harmony with these objectives.


Foster an AI-Ready Culture

Creating an AI-centric culture involves defining clear roles—from leadership to frontline staff—and setting up a comprehensive communication plan with clearly defined milestones. Equally important are training sessions that cover ethical considerations and identifying quick wins that demonstrate the value of AI early on.


Manage  Risk and Ensuring Quality

Navigating through the complexities of regulatory compliance and risk management is paramount. We must have a governance process that tracks the use of AI and a risk mitigation plan that accounts for data privacy and security.


Explore Build, Collaborate, or Buy

We have inspiring examples like the AI-driven solutions at Schools First, where an AI chatbot is improving the member experience by searching hundreds of SOP in natural language to provide the correct answer in seconds.

Credit unions are also collaborating with CUCopilot, led by Senso AI, to help build out tools that will fetch incredible insights from broad credit union documentation repositories to improve efficiency and experience. This includes an AI tool that transforms members' conversations into real-time, cross-functional insights for multiple stakeholders.

With Aviary Ai, credit unions can have human voice agents to help virtual outbound calling efforts.


As we stand on the precipice of the next technological wave, it's imperative that we move forward thoughtfully and unwaveringly focused on our mission to serve. The best starting spot is the Mitchell Stankovic & Associates Underground Gen AI whitepaper.

Remember, the journey of AI innovation is not a solo sprint but a collective marathon towards a future where technology enhances human connection, trust, and financial well-being for all our members.


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