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Member Experience 

10 x the MX

Building a Data-Infused Workplace

A member-centric data culture (the heart) and leveraging data to transform (the head) are complementary processes with the heart helping to accelerate the head. We partner with you to help you 10 x the MX, specifically creating the member-centric data mindset that allows credit union talent to do the following:

  • Create a distinctive member experience powered by technology and obsessive member focus.

  • Leverage the power of cross-functional teams that generate high-speed innovation and result in a strong pipeline of new products to meet member needs.

  • Build a robust data consumption capability to propel the credit union to scale fast and efficiently and stay competitive in the future.

To learn more, we have curated the following articles, classes, and suggested chapters in the book. 

Of course, our favorite way to learn is from you. Please click here to set up some time to chat.

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Connecting the Head to the Heart

Consuming Data &

Reducing Member Friction 

Building an Internal Innovation Capability 

Quick reads

These brief articles provide additional insight 

Let's Learn

Enjoy a deeper dive into the subject matter with a data education session.

At some point, your data analytics are going to generate some fabulous insights. Will your talent be prepared to grasp them with both hands, hold it over their head like a prize and run into a room with others to happily create actions?

This session  how to nurture the head (data)  and the heart (CU HUG) of a credit union for data consumption.

Food blog

Recipe for making a data culture.

Let's be honest, an organization can purchase a very expensive data tool, that will product ridiculously-amazing insights. But if your talent doesn’t know how to translate these insights into action, you are just left with a very expensive data tool. This session explores what is involved to infuse data into your credit union culture. 

Nurturing the CU head & heart

The Book 

Big Data/Big Climb:

A credit union playbook for leveraging data and talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships

This book will provide you and your credit union with the tools you need to reduce member friction, analyze actual competition, and identify disruption to improve your members' lives and gain competitive advantage.


Suggesting reading: 
Chapters 1 & 6

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