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Data Vision 

Member-Centric Data Strategy 

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Data Analytics Capability 

Credit unions really do have more data than Amazon. Unfortunately, it lives in 60 to 100 different systems, making it difficult to leverage and harness. 

To help credit unions harness and use their data, we partner with you to develop a member-centric, multi-year data strategy focused on solving member friction. We determine the data that is needed to solve the use case and help build the solution. Along the way, we deliver the following;

  • an enterprise data vision statement 

  • a member-centric data strategy based on actual member data

  • a data governance foundation 

  • best practices for data analytics capability

  • a comprehensive data roadmap 

  • a data success scorecard

To learn more, we have curated the following case study, articles, and suggested book chapters.

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Let's Learn

Enjoy a deeper dive with a case study on data strategy creation

CASE STUDY:First City Credit Union

The Challenge: From Disporate Data to Synthesized Strategy

Many credit unions grapple with the challenge of translating data into actionable strategies. First City Credit Union was no exception. Faced with the dilemma of leveraging their member data effectively, they turned to THRIVE for a transformative solution. The crux of the problem lay in where to start and whether they possessed the necessary resources to support such an endeavor.

The Solution: A Comprehensive and Aligned Data Strategy

First City Credit Union's partnership with THRIVE encompassed a three-part process: evaluating their current data culture, gathering insights on members, exploring suitable data destinations, and crafting a multi-year roadmap.

In this process, a survey was distributed throughout the organization to gain cross-functional insights into member friction, data culture, and desired capabilities. The data strategy journey extended further with an in-depth analysis of member transaction data spanning 90 days. This meticulous examination unveiled a vivid picture of the membership demographics, spending patterns, and preferences. A "data scorecard" provided a clear benchmark for measuring their current data efforts against industry best practices.

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Quick reads

These brief articles provide additional insight 

The Book 

Big Data/Big Climb:

A credit union playbook for leveraging data and talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships

This book will provide you and your credit union with the tools you need to reduce member friction, analyze actual competition, and identify disruption to improve your members' lives and gain competitive advantage.


Suggesting reading: 

Chapters 2, 3 & 5

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