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Speaking Engagements

Whether presenting to a credit union board or at an International Summit, Anne's energy, passion, knowledge, and insights have provided value to audiences of all sizes and from around the globe.


Anne is a sought after presenter for her ability to present complex topics in many formats while providing value.   

Keynote address

1 & 2-day pre-conference 



Annual Meeting

Kick-off/launch events

Leadership retreats

as well as emcee



Have a subject in mind?

Ask Anne about it. Click here to connect with Anne to learn how she can add value to your next event.


Helping credit unions achieve revolutionary member relationships from data activation

Current presentation titles

  • What to stop, what to keep, and what to start,

  • What is your data Why?

  • What is your member's True North?

  • Which is more mature - your data or a teen?

  • Credit Unions govern their loans - how about their data?

  • Does your credit union consume data more like veggies or sweets?

  • Infusing workflow adoption into credit union DNA

Have a unique topic or event in mind? Please click here to connect with Anne to create a memorable engagement.

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