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Deep Dive 

The mission of a Credit Union data governance program is to give a formal structure to its data. It also manages data access, quality, and security throughout its life cycle. 

This is not only foundational to any Credit Union data efforts; it is well on its way to becoming an audit item. But VERY FEW Credit Unions have formalized programs.

The Challenge

The challenge is not to make it a priority; that might be a little bit of the issue, but it is where to start and what is involved. 

We've got your back!

Please join us virtually

Tuesday, October 1, 2024 

9:00am  - Noon pm (PST)

This workshop will deliver the key elements needed to launch your data governance program.

Key areas  that will be covered:

 - DG Charter overview, vision, and  mission

 - Defining guiding principles and objectives 

 - Success measures and structures

 - Best practice definitions.

Can't make the day?

No worries, register, and we will send you the archive.

Learn More 

Looking to learn more about how data can improve your members' lives? Feel free to peruse the library and use the search function. Click on any of the articles below to get started. 

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