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A CU Guide to Data Activation


Transforming data into meaningful action is the heartbeat of credit union growth and member satisfaction. It is also critical to leverage AI. As a credit union leader, understanding the “why” and “how” of data activation is imperative. This guide is your roadmap to turning data into your most powerful asset.


1. Assess Your Current Data Landscape


Begin by taking a comprehensive inventory of your data. What data are you collecting? Where is it coming from? Is it clean, organized, and accessible? Understanding your current data landscape is like laying out all the pieces of a puzzle before you start putting them together. But don't stop there. Do you have member-centric data use cases? How does your credit union consume data, and what is your vision for enterprise workplace adoption of data?


2. Get Clarity on Your Data Why


Data without direction is like a compass without a needle. Define the purpose behind your data collection. Are you using data to improve member experience, increase operational efficiency, or innovate new products? This "Data Why" becomes the guiding star for all your data-related decisions.


3. Leverage the Data to Solve Member Friction


Every data point can tell a story about a member’s journey. Identify the touchpoints where members experience friction and use your data to smooth out these areas. This will enhance the member experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.


4. Lay a Foundation for Data Maturity and Governance


Developing a mature data environment means establishing policies, protocols, and practices that ensure data quality and security. Data governance is the framework that supports data quality, privacy, and regulatory compliance, building trust between your credit union and its members.


5. Create a Pathway for Data Literacy


Data literacy is as critical as financial literacy in our digital age. Create a culture where every team member understands the value of data and how to use it. Through education and training, empower your staff to make data-informed decisions that drive member value.


6. Enfolding it All in a One-Page Roadmap


A one-page roadmap is a powerful tool to communicate your data activation strategy. It should clearly articulate the steps we've discussed, timelines, responsibilities, and how each action ties back to your "Data Why". This at-a-glance guide ensures that everyone from the boardroom to the back office is aligned and motivated towards your data goals.


In our journey towards data activation, these steps are your milestones. Remember, data activation is not a one-time project but a continuous process of improvement and innovation. As you follow this roadmap, you will transform your credit union from a data-aware organization to a data-activated powerhouse, ready to confidently meet the future.


Are you ready to take the first step? Your data is waiting.


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Data isn't just a tool in credit unions—it's the key to unlocking new opportunities, improving members' financial lives, and achieving your credit union mission. The Data Activation Series is your ticket to becoming a confident, capable, and proficient data leader. It's about making data work for you, your credit union, and your members. It's your passport to a data-driven future where you lead confidently and shape your credit union's destiny.

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Data Strategy


First City Credit Union

Learn how First City Credit Union partnered with THRIVE to help them identify their gaps in existing data efforts, gain clarity on member needs and wants, and build a multi-year roadmap for data success.

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