Building Proficiencies & Launching Journeys

Data has been called one of the most important investments an organization can make by Forbes, McKinsey & Gartner.

Yet, 92% of credit unions fail to effectively leverage their available data.  According to McKinsey, the top five reasons why data efforts fail are;

1. Lack of clear data strategy,

2. Inability to translate data strategy into tangible use cases,

3. Do not have clear roadmaps,

4. Do not have foundational data governance

5. Have not leveraged their talent to translate data into valuable action. 


The Data Transformation Institute will change this.


The Data Transformation Institute is an integrated, educational program that offers educational artifacts, a 7-class data education course, and a 90-day accelerator that helps credit unions develop data confidence and capability. 

It is difficult to move forward when it feels like no one is speaking the same language. Understanding the core competency in data knowledge will only strengthen a credit union's success in launching a data effort.

The Data Education Series meets the need of the busy credit union leader by integrating dynamic online classes, assignments that can be immediately used in the workplace, an online knowledge platform that hosts class details, assignments, and the ability for students to chat with each other and the instructor. Students receive 7 CPE credits upon completion.


The class curriculum develops data confidence, capability, and proficiency in the following educational domains.

  • Enterprise data vision 

  • Member-centered data use case

  • Understanding/defining data maturity 

  • Essentials of data governance

  • Creative data consumption by enterprise talent

  • Workplace adoption

  • Building data road maps 

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The accelerator is an educational experience that applies the course curriculum to real credit union problems. It is a combination of small group work, independent study, and online instruction. At the end of the accelerator, learners have applied what they have learned, launched their data journey, enhanced their data knowledge, and started to improve member's lives. 

This is the launchpad for the credit union data journey

  • Application of educational knowledge

  • Learn and apply design thinking & agile methodology to real-world problems

  • Gain data confidence

  • Experience results

7-Class Data Education Series 

Data Accelerator


Stock Market Data


Thank you very much for the class, the information, and the encouragement. I really appreciated the way you look at data analytics and I believe that taking this back into my organization can be a powerful tool to help us improve our member's lives.

Financial Report

Business Intelligence Analyst

I really enjoyed the course – the importance of not losing focus of the “heart” of the credit union is so key, so structuring the classes and assignments around the Member and creating a positive impact was really helpful.


Marketing Specialist

Thank you for everything! This was a great class and I am fortunate to have been able to learn so much to bring back to our

Credit Union.

White Paper 

For a credit union to be successful with data, it has to overcome two pain points:

1. Filling organizational data knowledge gaps. 

2. Providing a framework to help launch a credit union's data journey.

This white paper highlights the methodology and results of the offering.  

Students accomplished the following:

  • Assessment of current credit union data condition

  • Drafted a data vision statement

  • Created a data strategy draft

  • Identified member friction

  • Diagramed member experience journey

  • Leveraged member friction into a data use case

  • Proved proficiency in data maturity concepts

  • Created data governance plan draft

  • Resolved member friction use case using design thinking framework

  • Proved proficiency of center of excellence concepts

  • Built an Enterprise Data Road Map

Data Education - Educate-Elevate-Accelerate

Data Education Series .png