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Education Sessions

THRIVE Education Sessions are scalable education engagements created to educate a variety of audiences about the power of connected data and how it will create value and growth to both the credit union AND your member.

Sessions can be as short as 1 hour and as long as 2 days.  They can be presented remotely via video conferencing/webinar and in person.

Instruction format can range from engaging lectures or interactive with high audience participation.


Online Education Offering


Removing Member Friction

How to ideate, innovate and execute market-ready solutions 

Members' needs are changing fast and in ways that are forcing credit unions to pivot fast. To serve the member in these unprecedented times, credit unions will need to act differently. They will need to identify member friction and build iterative scalable solutions for sustainability.


This offering delivers that as well as :

  • Actionable, ROI market-ready solutions

  • Improved member experience

  • Member-centric solution pipeline


Offering details:

  • series of 6 online educational instructions

  • independent projects

  • self-guided learner activities

Follows the "Show-Do-Tell " instruction method where learners are shown/taught concepts then do/practice them and tell/ apply them in their workplaces.

Concepts covered:

  • Design Thinking / human-centered design

  • Agile's sprint planning

To learn more about the market-ready results other credit unions have had from this educational engagement, please select from one of the following;

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Big Data/Big Climb

Education Series

Helping credit unions accomplish their data transformation goals.

Starting any data initiative is not easy, but one that is transforming an organization feels overwhelming.

To help overcome this challenge, Anne Legg developed a new education series that weaves her recent Mt Kilimanjaro summit (the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet) and her experience helping credit unions leverage their big data for organizational goal attainment.

This is a practical and entertaining educational offering for credit unions to help them gain clarity and confidence about this complex subject.

Education Session Details 

Click here to get everyone on the same page with the power of big data AND excited - Today! 



  1. Connected data creates revolutionary member relationships

  2. Marketplace disruption

  3. Member Centric Data Strategies

  4. Data Assessment 

  5. Data Maturity & Governance

  6. Data consumption Culture


Board of Directors

Leadership Teams

Member facing teams

Specific Department teams

Entire Credit Union 


  • Industry case studies

  • Broad conceptual overviews

  • Detailed technology innovation explanations

  • Small group work

  • Actionable takeaways