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Member Obsession, The Fine Line Between Creepy And Awesome & Value Creation

What do Member Obsession, the fine line between creepy and awesome, and value creation all have in common? They were all discussed in the inaugural episode of a new, nationwide podcast that launched on April 28. Myself, along with John Best, Founder of BIG and Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal at 154 Advisors are the hosts of the BIGcast Network, this podcast will feature thought leadership in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation, Payments and Leadership to financial institutions globally.

To hear us kicking off this new podcast, please click here.

My first guest is Sam Mallikarjunan, a fellow at HubSpot, marketing instructor at Harvard DCE, and author of How To Sell Better Than Amazon. Sam recently presented at CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.

We had such a fun and insightful conversation. The following are highlights:

  • To grow - listen authentically, & help

  • Unless you are paying for the product, you are the product

  • The company that is the platform, is the one that educates and helps the most

  • Find the balance between creepy and awesome

  • Be member obsessed

To listen to the entire conversation, you will have to wait until May 16 but in the mean time please click here or search for The BIGcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Stitcher to subscribe.

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