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Welcome to THRIVE 3.0!

A few years ago, THRIVE (1.0) was launched. THRIVE helped credit unions (Partners FCU, Our Community, America's and First Atlantic, to name a few) harness their data to improve the lives of their members.

THRIVE(2.0) occurred in June of 2017 when CUNA Mutual Group acquired the THRIVE talent as part of creating what is now known as AdvantEdge Analytics(AEA). When I joined AEA, I was employee 36 and our division did not even have a name. Being apart of the "early days" of building a data management platform is honestly thrilling!

In my two year tenure, I helped propel credit unions into the beautiful world of data transformation. My team and I delivered over 80 onsite sessions to over 588 credit union senior leaders. These leaders gave over 3,300 hours of their time to transform their enterprise using data. It was incredible to see credit unions embark in this journey. I also delivered market education to so many credit union leagues, associations, and gatherings that I lost count. However, I do remember knowing that four speaking gigs in 3 different time zones in 3 days is my limit!

And Now… its THRIVE 3.0!

I am excited to continue the mission of Improving lives with data that I set when I sketched out THRIVE in a notebook a few years ago. Over the next few months watch for changes on the website and more content around a transformational business process called Member Cynosure TM. Cynosure the term initially denoted for the constellation Ursa Minor or the pole star which it contains, long used as a guide by navigators. Think of it as a process to find your members True North.

The launch party for THRIVE 3.0 is, as you would expect from me is unique. I'm Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. This 19,000-foot mountain has been in my radar for over 19 years. This October, I will be heading to Tanzania, Africa, for this epic experience. Please join me in this celebration by helping me fundraise for three of my favorite causes.

They do fantastic work to further their mission of improving 'people's financial lives through credit unions. I had the tremendous opportunity of speaking at CU FIN Health, and I am truly inspired by the work that they are doing. Should you choose to celebrate with a donation to them (thank you ) and please reference Anne Legg!

Girls on the run is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential via achieving her first 5k. I have handed out the finishing medals for this event, and the pride and confidence that each runner exudes is genuinely magical.

Feeding San Diego is leading my local community in the fight against hunger. Through their efficient distribution model focused on reducing food waste, every dollar donated helps provide four nutritious meals. I have been volunteering for them for a few years now. And, I was delighted to help them leverage their data and quantify the impact of volunteer hours to meals served. Over 1 million meals were generated from volunteers who gave only two hours of their time. Data for good!

I will update my efforts on this blog, Twitter at @AnneTHRIVE and LinkedIn

Stay tuned for more to come!

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