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Serving Up Thankfulness

Congratulations! We made it to Thanksgiving!

This year has definitely been one for the record books both good and bad, happy and sad. As we gather in all the unique ways we do, let's take just a moment to be thankful for all that we have. Here is my short-list;

Member/customers. I have loved to have had another year helping credit unions leverage data to help improve their member lives.

Co-workers - both the ones close and the ones remotely. I am thankful to have had the gift of collaboration and co-creation.

Family. Friends - Thankful ones present and those not.

Homes/cars/technology - Thankful all of these things we may take for granted, take a moment, and think about what your life would be without them.

Food - this may be the reason for the season for some. I am simply thankful that I have it.

However you are celebrating this holiday, my wish for you is that you are able to enjoy it with a side of thankful.

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