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Let's Celebrate!

This September, America's Credit Union Museum will unveil the HERSTORY exhibit honoring Credit Union Women making history, AND Big Data/Big Climb is being added to the museum's  Ensweiler Research Library.


Of course, there are two very special ways to help commemorate this very special event.



Meet the Author!

Thursday, September 29

America's Credit Union Museum

Manchester, New Hampshire

Meet the Author, Anne Legg, a recognized CU NERD, educator, data strategist, and get her to sign your book! The best part is that All, yes, that is 100% of the in-person book sales will be donated to fund the maintenance and upkeep of the HERSTORY exhibit.



Can't make it to New Hampshire; I see you and have created this special online event for you to participate in as well. For the ENTIRE month of September 2022, 100% of the profit of paperback book sales purchased on this webpage will be donated to fund the maintenance and upkeep of the HERSTORY exhibit.


Think of this as a 3:1 extra book BOGO!

  1. A fundraising mechanism to continue to recognize women in the movement (#winning)
  2. Called a MUST-HAVE guide for activating your data (Current textbook at Southwest CUNA School of Management). Your members called and asked you to get this.
  3. A GREAT corporate gift for : 
  • Leadership teams
  • Board of Directors 
  • Departments 
  • Colleagues 

(As part of a fundraiser, it technically counts as a donation! )


HERSTORY is a permanent exhibit honoring the past, present, and future of the incredible women making history in the credit union industry. It will be an interactive exhibit showcasing inspiring stories never heard before. Please help make this unveiling one to remember for years to come!



Big Data/Big Climb

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