Member CynosureTM 

What is Member CynosureTM?


Cynosure is one that serves to direct or guide, when capitalized it is a synonym for the north star. In this reference, we will use it to define a member's true north, the focus and driver of credit union the data directive 


The Member CynosureTM process identifies the member's true north, and specifically, it focuses on the member's financial destination. 


What is unique about the process is that it anchors on the member, not the data. The credit union will gain depth and insight into what the member problem is and what data is needed to solve that problem. Also, this process builds a data consumption capability across the credit union talent, fusing strategy, and culture to ignite insights to improve their members' lives.

Member CynosureTM Process 

The process delivers a roadmap for the credit union to help the member achieve their goal. This 8-12 week business process engages the credit union leadership with a combination of education and analysis, resulting in a member-centric vision fueled by a data-driven capability that achieves a deeper, and impactful member relationship.

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