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Is Your CU Ready For Emerging Tech?

The future of finance is already here with Generative AI, Embedded Finance, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Open Finance. These are not Science Fiction terms; they are transformative forces reshaping how we operate and serve our members. Building out your credit union's emerging technology roadmap should be a priority. Here are five things to consider as you embark on this roadmap-building journey.


# 1 Assessing Readiness


The first step in this journey is understanding your credit union's readiness for adopting these advanced technologies. It's about having the right tools and assessing your organizational culture, infrastructure, and current capabilities. This assessment will provide a clear picture of where you stand and what needs further improvement or development.


# 2  Identifying the Strategic "Why"


Once you've assessed your readiness, the next crucial step is identifying the strategic "why." What specific problems are you aiming to solve with these technologies? Whether it's enhancing member experience, improving fraud mitigation, or increasing operational efficiency, clearly understanding the purpose behind adopting these technologies is vital. This strategic clarity will help align your goals with the implementation and ensure the technology serves your credit union's broader mission.


#3 Understanding the "Who"


Who needs to be involved in this transformative journey? Strategically and executionally, having the right people in the room is essential. These should include key decision-makers, technology experts, and those who will be directly impacted by the changes. Building a diverse team with various perspectives and expertise will enhance your strategic planning and execution, ensuring that all aspects of the transformation are covered.


#4 Building a Literate Culture


Fostering a literate culture within your credit union is fundamental to effectively leveraging both new and existing technologies. This means providing training and education on the technical aspects and creating an environment that encourages continuous learning and innovation. A literate culture will empower your team to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to technological advancements.


#5 Establishing the Operational Structure


Finally, a robust operational structure is necessary to launch these technologies successfully. This includes clear processes, defined roles, and a strategic roadmap that outlines each step of the implementation journey. An effective operational structure will ensure that your credit union can seamlessly integrate new technologies, mitigate risks, and achieve desired outcomes.


Navigating the world of emerging financial technologies can be daunting, but with a strategic approach, your credit union can successfully embrace these innovations and stay ahead of the curve.

If you are looking to learn more, please plan on attending our upcoming  Navigating the Future webinar. This webinar will delve deeper into these topics and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to lead your credit union into the future of finance and pave the way for a more innovative, efficient, and member-centric financial landscape.




Navigating the



Wednesday, August 14th

Please join us to learn what you need to embrace the future of finance through emerging technologies.

This webinar will discuss the following:

  1. How to assess the credit union for readiness

  2. Identifying the strategic "why" and what problem these technologies will solve (member experience, fraud mitigation, efficiency, etc.)

  3. Understanding "who" needs to be in the room both strategically and executing to launch

  4. The fundamentals of building a literate culture to leverage both new and existing technology

  5. The operational structure that is needed to launch.

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