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Educate 1,500 CUs In 5 Years!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The Game Is ON!

THRIVE is in the pursuit of educating over 25% of the industry on the fundamentals of achieving success with their data!

We all know that data is a game-changer for the credit union industry. The challenge is the ability to harness and leverage this robust asset.

The fastest and quickest way to overcome this challenge is to build a data capability, not purchase technology, but build a skill set within existing credit union talent.

Perhaps this sounds like a bit of a pipedream, but it's not. The 7-Class Data Education Series was designed to meet the needs of a busy credit union leader by integrating dynamic online classes, assignments that can be immediately used in the workplace, an online knowledge platform that hosts class details, assignments, and the ability for students to chat with each other and the instructor. Students receive 7 CPE credits upon completion.

The class curriculum develops data confidence, capability, and proficiency in the following educational domains.

  • Enterprise data vision

  • Member-centered data use case

  • Understanding/defining data maturity

  • Essentials of data governance

  • Creative data consumption by enterprise talent

  • Workplace adoption

  • Building data road maps

Why is THRIVE making this a goal? Well.. honestly it's best explained in the video. Click the image to watch.

To learn more about data education and what it can do for your credit union, please listen to the CU broadcast interview or email to request the data education whitepaper.


If you enjoyed this read, you enjoy these as well:

Gartner's Roadmap for Data-Driven Business Transformation

Is your enterprise data knowledge more like swiss or gouda?


Data Success: A 3-part education series to help you achieve it!

Data has been called one of the single most important organizational assets. Fortunately for credit unions, there is an abundance, but this also is the biggest challenge.

Where do you start? This webinar will show you not only where to start but give you the knowledge and tools to create your data success.

Two industry leaders, ChannelNet and THRIVE, have teamed up to present this educational series in three (1 hour) webinars.

Click below to learn more.


Where can I fill my data knowledge gaps?

With a stop at the

THRIVE has created the only CPE accredited course that delivers the following:

  • Establishing an enterprise data vision

  • Creating member-centered data use case

  • Understanding/defining data maturity

  • The essentials of data governance

  • How to develop data consumption by enterprise talent

  • Building workplace adoption

  • Creating effective data road maps

Yep, that is 1 through 5 of Gartner's Roadmap :)


Looking To Browse?

With over 100 articles, we feel pretty confident you will find something you like.

We believe that data transformation doesn't have to feel overwhelming or expensive to be impactful. After helping over 600 credit union leaders launch their data journeys, we have identified several consistent knowledge gaps. We have worked hard to fill these gaps with a variety of 2 min or fewer articles.

Here are some of the most-read articles:


Data Education White Paper

For a credit union to be successful with data, it has to overcome two pain points:

1. Filling organizational data knowledge gaps.

2. Providing a framework to help launch a credit union's data journey.

​This white paper highlights the methodology and results of the offering. Students accomplished the following:

  • Assessment of current credit union data condition

  • Drafted a data vision statement

  • Created a data strategy draft

  • Identified member friction

  • Diagramed member experience journey

  • Leveraged member friction into a data use case

  • Proved proficiency in data maturity concepts

  • Created data governance plan draft

  • Resolved member friction use case using design thinking framework

  • Proved proficiency of center of excellence concepts

  • Built an Enterprise Data Road Map

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