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17 Gifts of Data

As 2021 comes to a close, here are 17 gifts that data can give your credit union;

  1. Data will improve your member's lives!

  2. Data Education to fill your enterprise knowledge gaps

  3. Data Success Assessment to understand your credit unions current data state

  4. Identify your member's friction

  5. Build an enterprise data roadmap

  6. Over 100 FREE articles

  7. A clear data strategy

  8. A member-centric data use case

  9. The ONLY Credit Union data transformation playbook

  10. Understand the member's engagement journey

  11. A framework to infuse data into your CU DNA

  12. Foundational Data Governance (your auditor WANTS this under their tree)

  13. Data Vision

  14. Turn data into ACTION

  15. Build an enterprise innovation capability

  16. Learn from others

  17. Earn Continued Professional Education Credits

This year has definitely been one for the record books both good and bad, happy and sad. But most importantly, THANK YOU for the constant reminder of the impact of credit unions and how they can improve their member's lives!

Happy Holidays!

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