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Identifying Opportunities

When Rahm Emanuel shared this quote in a March 25 Washington Post opinion piece, he focused on the state of public health, infrastructure, and supply chains. Six weeks have passed since this quote, and while the pandemic has tested everyone professionally and personally, there have been some things that we might have thought impossible have genuinely become real.

1. Remote work

The ability to work remotely and function differently using technology has been available for over 20 years now; however, the stumbling block for many businesses to embrace remote work was legacy thinking. While the transition to remote work was jarring at best, it has now become part of standard business practice.

The advantages offered by remote employment are wide-ranging, from increased production to increased satisfaction to the development of new offerings.

Business leaders have an excellent opportunity presented to assess new skills to determine what they should stop, start, and continue.

2. Remote medicine

The ability to leverage technology to deliver healthcare remotely has also been available for many years but was not embraced to similar legacy thinking of both caregivers and patients. In six weeks, we have seen the concept of "drive-thru" testing, blood work, and other forms of evaluation evolve from idea to execution and now expected. This is extra-ordinary! The benefits of this new distribution channel traditionally only afforded by fast food has saved lives both in patents and healthcare providers.

3. Online Grocery shopping

Again, the ability to purchase groceries has been available in many major markets for years, with a pretty slow adoption rate. Now nearly every major grocery chain has online delivery available. Again this is remarkable to consider the quick shift in personal buying behavior.

As the world shifts from lockdown to re-opening, some processes will attempt to revert to pre- to identify the things/ process/ engagement channels experiences that used to be considered impossible and determine how to leverage the "newness" and continue to make the impossible, possible.


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