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Thank You 2019!

One of the more unique facets to the last month of the year is the opportunity to reflect on the other 11 months.As 2019 draws to a close, I think I can sum up 2019 in one word - opportunities.

I was given so many opportunities in 2019, both professionally and personally.

Professionally was the opportunity of working every day with the amazing people who comprise the credit union industry.

Between speaking events, leading data education sessions, and directly working with credit unions, 2019 was truly spectacular. I worked with CFO, CTO, CEO, CMO, CLOs, COOs, as well as department leads and front line teams to help them progress in their data transformation journey.

Educating teams on the power of big data and its impact on the members' lives is an incredible joy. However, partnering with each credit union to apply the newly found knowledge that directly improves members' lives is transformation at its core definition.

The best part has been all the incremental "ah ha's" that have occurred.

Highlights include.

  1. The incredible creativity leadership teams have in producing moonshots to solve member frictions. A personal favorite was the proposal of zero UX with member chip implants and creating an army of drones.

  2. Creating robust success metrics to a member use case that creates impactful benefits for both the member and the credit union.

  3. Engaging credit union leaders to embrace data governance framework as they do loan governance and have fun.

  4. And helping credit unions bring all of these new skills to life as they adopted agile innovation capabilities to solve member frictions in a matter of hours versus weeks.

These experiences have certainly been a gift!

Personally, I was able to accomplish an incredible BHAG.. I was off the grid for nine days… ok kidding, I did do that, but in addition, I climbed the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing at 19,341 feet in 12 degrees below.. Will be something I will never forget.

But most importantly, all of these opportunities would not have been possible with you! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible year!

Happy Holidays and an extra happy New Year!


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