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To help get an edge on 2023, here are the most popular articles from 2022



It's 2023 Planning Season!

How is your data strategy looking?

Data has been called one of the most important investments an organization can make by Forbes, McKinsey & Gartner.

Yet 92% of credit unions fail to leverage their available data effectively.

One of the biggest reasons credit unions fail is that they do not holistically assess their current data state. Many credit unions start with an assessment of their current technology, but to be successful with data, they also need a solid and clear data strategy and a road map that includes talent data consumption.

Here are the five components needed for data success.


Gartner's Roadmap for

Data-Driven Business Transformation

In Gartner's 100 data analytics predictions for 2025, they offered up this roadmap for data-driven transformation. It does NOT start with hiring or purchasing a tool. Let me repeat that, it does NOT begin with purchasing any resource at all. It DOES start with understanding the value of data and selling that value inside the organization, then envisioning the value to progress to a current state assessment and then education.



What Is Your Data's End Game?

For the majority of credit unions, data feels completely overwhelming. Common questions are; Where is it? How do I access it? How can I improve my members' lives? The starting point is actually the end to help gain clarity and create a roadmap for data success. Asking your credit union the following question, "What do we want our data to achieve for our members?"

Here are a few answers to that question:


How To Prepare For A World With Crypto

Cryptocurrency and the resulting decentralized finance(DeFi) seem to be terms that are appearing everywhere. To prepare for a world with crypto and DeFi, let's take a moment to anchor on understanding what they are.

First, let's start with what we know about a credit union and its functions. Credit unions are simply an intermediary. It is a lovely and supportive but albeit pass-through for members to keep their money in a safe place and get loans for homes, cars, and vacations (i.e., via the credit card). This is essentially the function of modern banking as it we know it.


Exploring Dora the Neo Credit Union

Lately, there has been quite a bit of discussion about challenger banks, with many wishing that a credit union should step into this game.

Wish no more! Let me introduce you to Dora, a neo credit union. Neobanks are sometimes referred to as "challenger banks."


Looking for More?

We believe that data activation doesn't have to feel overwhelming or expensive to be impactful. After helping over 600 credit union leaders launch their data journeys, we have identified several consistent knowledge gaps. We have worked hard to fill these gaps with a variety of educational offerings:

There is something for everyone!

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